How can i save up enough to buy a new car?

This one will require some math, especially keeping the budget. Start by jotting down all your essential living expenses : rent, utilities, transportation, food. They should eat up only half your take-home pay. Loan payments should be about 15%. That will leave roughly a third of your salary (after taxes are taken out) for savings and the occasional fun run. The best way to stay disciplined is to squirrel away your cash before you can even touch it.

Tip : Bump up your savings by earning extra money through flexible side gigs. Search for odd jobs through Taskrabbit, Gigwalker, or Airtasker. Don't have time for a second job? Get a roommate to cut yoru expenses.

Tool : Use apps such as Mint (free) to create a budget. Follow your spending over a month or two. Then look for areas to cut, such as dining out.

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