5 Skills That Will Put More Money into Your Pocket

Don't ever depend on one money source. You can make more money than your monthly payout from your office if you learn and use certain skill to give more value to others. 

Here's Some valuable skill that might help you get more money to your pocket

1. Get techy

A computer-science grads earn $700,000 over the average BA holder in a career, but those of us with English and psych defrees aren't out of luck. Learn new tech tricks to leverage skills you already have.

here's the tricks:
a. Google better
Say for example you need stats about a product's market share. You just use "OR"(in caps) to Google for different words that might capture the same thing (like "percent" and "proportion"). And check the image search results. The data you need maybe in chart someone has posted. Go to support www.google.com/websearch for more power search tips.
b. be an Excel's guru
If there's any need to quantify your bussiness's activity, being the office Excel guru makes you valuable. Two skills to focus on: building charts (it's great for presentations) and pivot tables (to summarizelots of data). You can learn a lot of Excel tricks by searching it in Google.
c. learn programming language
Want to compete woth true techies? codeacademy.com can get you started for free learning code for building websites. Expertise in Ruby on Rails-certification testing only $150-snags an average salary of $110,000.

2. Write better

a celar unfussy writing style will get your ideas heard at work. (HR pros ranked writing second, behind only computer aptitude, among skills applicant most often lacked).

Harfard professor, Steven Pinker, author of the new book "The Sense of Style, gave us these tips for better writing:
a. Avoid fancy words you don't need or understand
"fulsome" (as in "fulsome praise") doesn't mean full, it means insincere. if you use hoity-toity words to sound posh, you will look pompous and maystill opposite of what you mean.
b. cut unnecessary words.
John Kerryonce said, "The President is desirous of trying to see how we can make our efforts in order to find a way to facilitate." What he meant was, "The President wants to help." Much better, isn't it?
c. Revise
And better still, show it to someone. What's clear to you may not be clear to someone else.

3. Know the secret to get that promotion faster

Here's the secret:
a. Master the meeting
The average pay bump from a promotion for manager or upper-level executive is 7% or more, according to Mercer. But how do you to get one?
"The meeting room is where we exert leadership and develop credibbility" says corporate trainer Dana Browniee of Professionalism Matters. Don't dominate-nudge the group toward concrete goals. If someone can't let go of a point, try saying "Good idea!, i'm writing it down." You've now freed a room of grateful co-workers to move on.
b. Exchange Fast favors
A research by Adam Grant at the Wharton School has shown that successful people do more favors at work. But don't be afraid to ask for tiny favors too. We may feel more warmly toward people after lending them a hand. Our brains figure we must have done so because we like that person. It's been called Benjamin Franklin effect: The Founding Father recalled winning over a legislative rival after borrowing a book from him.
"Our attitudes often follow our behaviour instead of vice versa," says David McRaney, who writes about such psychological quirks in his book, You Are Now Less Dumb.

4. Get social with your costumer

If you run a bussiness or work in marketing, social media like Twitter or facebook seem like a great way to get your message out. But remember that users have zero interest in following companies that clutter their feed with ads. Use social to establish your expertise or spark ideas. Then when people are in the market for what you sell, they'll remember you.

5. Learn a new language

it's easier than ever to dip a toe into languages with free tools like Duolingo, a site that make learning like a game. If you want to ramp things up, a real-world classes run about $300 for 20 hours of instruction. Invest your time and money wisely. The payoff is in less commonly studied languages. A Wharton/LECG Europe study found that speaking German translated into higher wage premium than for second languages overall. If you want to expand your market, try Mandarin. It's very potential to grow your bussiness there. So, learn the language

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