7 Secrets of How Being Super Wealthy

A 100% of people in the world want to become rich. There's no argue in that. But how to achieve it? Is it possible for everyone to become a billionaire? or at least a millionaire?

To answer that, let's take a lesson from Steve Sieblod, a billionaire and author of "How Rich People Think". In 1984 he had entered college, but then he decide to drop out out and meet rich people to learn directly from them. He already interviewed 1,200 billionaires in his life. And here are some of the question that he asked to these billionaire. I wrote it from the Siebold's point of view so you can see what inside his mind from this interview :

1. Does everyone can get rich?

Anyone, who has good mental health condition, could become rich. I meet a lot of wealthy people in my life. And after a long time hanging out with them, I found that rich people are not smarter than the rest of people. Some of them are really genius indeed, but most of them are just like everybody else. The difference is they have a tremendous focus on the goal. And they were smart enough to find a gap in the market and took the opportunities from it.

2. Is Entrepreuner spirit can be learned?

Of course. One person I encountered build companies worth US $ 90 million from nothing. He just had a strong desire to succeed. It takes only a desire. That's how most of the US became rich. They have a strong desire.

3. Do saving can make you rich?

Saving money is important. But far more important is growing the income. If my salary is $50,000 per year and my savings rate is 10% per year then i save $5,000 per year, means in 10 years i only had $50,000 while the money value is always decreasing every time. Being rich is how to make your moneys grow without boundaries.

4. Could ordinary people become super wealthy?

It should be. Each time take advantage of the slightest opportunity. Niche market. And take small steps. You don't have to go directly to Mc Donalds course. Start with a business pastry shop, clothes washing services or selling something through eBay. Remember, this is not about money. It's about the right way of thinking. The rich people looking for problems and work very hard to solve it so they can sell it to the world.

5. The initial strategy of how to get rich?

Meet the rich people. Before i become wealthy like now, I hang out a lot with succesful people. Learn their mind set and their behavior. If you do not have direct access to them, go to a place where rich people gather, such as seminars, charity events or country club. Listen to how they talk about money and opportunity. Compare with your mind set, then correct your mind set.

6. Is there anything that a person has to stay away from to become rich?

The only thing that you have to stay away from is people who don't support you. Don't listen to people who think your efforts will not succeed because you have no money, education, talent and so on. Listen to the people who will support you.

7. What is the common thing that make people fail from become rich?

They listen to ordinary people, not the rich. You will not be healthy if you listen to people who are sick. You will not get rich if you listen to the advice of people who fail in life.

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