Trump Got Out of Stock Market. Should You Do the Same?

DonaldJ. Trump is well known as a succesful real estate investor who has made his name as a controversial president candidate with a lot of his statement in the past these months during election campaign. And now, recently Trump made a new shocking statement espescially for US citizen who put their money in stock market.

Trump Got Out of Stock Market

Trump suggest everyone to dump their stock. First he admit that he also put his money on the stock but now he got out after seeing a lot of things going on in United States these times.

Some of the things that made him got out from stock market is immigration policy. His campaign is known controversial because he is worrying a lot of immigrant come to US will make the economy become worst. Then he got out from stock maybe as a protest to US government for the immigrant policy they are having right now. And he suggest his supporter to do the same.

Here's is the interview from +TheDailyTrump  with Trump when he asked about stocks market :

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